A double take on protection. Jotapipe DL – dual-layer FBE coatings for pipeline protection


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  • Reduced pipe damage
  • Extensive track record
  • Minimum plant modification

With increasingly aggressive and varying environments, there is a continuous demand for pipeline coatings to provide enhanced performance. As a result, the traditional stand-alone FBE coating is evolving into a dual-layer and multi-functional coating system. The solution is Jotapipe DL, formulated to deliver specific topcoat performance – anti-slip, abrasion-resistance and UV stability.

We have a complete range of liquid and powder coating solutions that provide the ultimate corrosion protection for pipelines.

With Jotapipe DL, we offer:

  • Reduced pipe damage
  • Industry compliance – meets all the key FBE specifications
  • 12-year track record
  • Operating temperature performance up to 100°C (212°F)
  • Ease of application
  • Verifiable quality assurance/quality control

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